Sponsorship Opportunities

Create a lasting lifestyle change

Some may be available for ongoing monthly support

Here's how that works for qualified families...


What do they continue to struggle with?

We learn about their needs such as housing, phone, and medications. Qualified families only are registered.


Your family is funded each month

100% of your monthly support will go directly to your chosen support type.


See how your support helps

You will be given the option to communicate directly with your family. Start with the messaging platform on this website.

Reasons Cash Sponsorships Are Effective

😒 No one know more about their unique needs than those in need.

πŸ”‘ Sustained support allows for families to take care of their personal needs.

⚑ Giving cash is dramatically faster and cheaper than transporting physical items. Your contribution goes directly to your family with zero fees.

Neighborhoods in need

Community Cash Injection

Your money will continue to support others in the local economy as it circulates.

Provide Typhoon Safe Housing

Every year at least eight typhoons smash into the Philippines.

A 2018 study by the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative state that 75% of Filipinos reported being affected by heavy rains, cyclones, floods and earthquakes in a five-year period.

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