About Us

About Us

Work began on Family 500 Corp in early 2022. A small team of designers, developers, and dreamers built began working on a strategy focused on an experience where donors are able to directly change the life of one single family. We aim to connect donors and families in a personal visual way that encourages empathy and friendship.

Who We Serve
Because we aim to give donors a high level of communication with families(this can include messages, video and photography) we look to serve the poorest communities in urban areas only where internet and delivery are readily available.

The initial version of this system aims to begin in metro Manila, expanding out only when are confident in the logistic efficiencies and community impact.

What We Do
We aim to provide items such as solar lights, phones and money to improve the general quality of life. In addition we hope to secure recurring monthly sponsorships to provide long-term housing for families.

Family 500 Corp. was registered as a nonprofit corporation in the state of Georgia on August 30th 2022.

Family 500 is founded by Aaron Heine and based out of Atlanta Georgia.

Reach us at contact@family500.org

2023 Board Members
Lynae Bryant
Joseph Allen
Kimberly Barton